Nursing + Healthcare Services

Whether a patient or health organization, ACCESS has nurses and health care workers that provide comprehensive, personalized care, across all specialties, settings and cultures.

Private Duty

Our dedicated, private nurses offer peace-of-mind and 24/7 personal care during your hospital stay.

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Home Care

ACCESS Nursing Services brings the most qualified, specialized caregivers right to you wherever you are. Our approach is clinically diverse, culturally-sensitive and multilingual.

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Organizational Staffing

We offer a full range of expertise, clinical specialties, and assignment terms including permanent, travel and per diem. Our services are tailored to meet the clinical staffing and programmatic needs of your organization.

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Specialty Nurses

Our nurses are experts in Cardiology, Oncology, Alzheimer’s Dementia, Diabetes, COPD, Pediatrics and Geriatrics and many other specialties.

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Therapies for All Populations

ACCESS has specially trained nurses and therapists who offer advanced treatments for a variety of medical conditions.

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