Physical, occupational or speech-language therapists are key contributors to rehabilitation and the growth and development of patients. ACCESS’ Allied division provides therapists that help children and adults adapt to their physical and cognitive circumstances. This enables them to perform everyday tasks that will help them live as happily and independently as possible.


Physical Therapy
Access physical therapists can diagnose and treat individuals of all ages who have physical problems that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. We develop treatment plans that promote movement, reduce pain, restore function and prevent further disability. We work with our clients to prevent loss of mobility before it occurs, as well as to slow progression of impairment through fitness and wellness programs.

Occupational Therapy
This type of therapy is important for the optimization of independence and the ability to perform daily activities following injury or physical impairment. Access occupational therapists focus on improving life skills. Our therapists are trained to change the home environment if needed, and to teach our clients how to use assistive equipment to enhance their life experience.

Speech and Language Pathology
Access SLP therapists understand that the ability to eat, swallow and communicate is essential for life. Our speech-language pathologists work to assess, prevent, diagnose, and treat motor speech disorders, language problems, social skills, cognitive issues and swallowing disorders. We bond deeply with clients and caregivers as we help them grow through oral-motor capability.

Access Children’s Therapy Division
Access Sensory Kids (ASK) brings together the best therapists and nurses to provide exceptional, cutting edge therapies for children. ASK integrates occupational, physical and speech therapy to bring your child a comprehensive range of services that will expand their neuro-processing capabilities in new and exciting combinations.

The ASK program has proven extraordinarily helpful with the following disorders:
• Autism spectrum
• Aspergers
• Learning delays
• Sensory processing difficulties
• Cerebral Palsy
• Downs Syndrome
• Chewing and swallowing disorders
• Problems with social relationships
• Coordination and balance
• Fine and gross motor skills
• Self-regulation
• Neurological impairment
• Auditory processing

"Parents often become lost in the number of therapeutic options after they are told that their child needs services. We will help them learn what the best and most effective treatments are for their child, including those with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, ASD and SPD."

Louise Weadock MPH, RN

Registered psychiatric nurse, SD/SID researcher at Johns Hopkins University, and founder of ACCESS Nursing Services and ACCESS Sensory Kids
ASK offers a free 30-minute parent-therapist consultation

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