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In a recent report, The International Council of Nurses projects that without sufficient recruitment and retention, the world could face a shortage of up to 13 million nurses by 2030. Many experts are saying this is a lack of new people coming into medicine coupled with severe burnout caused by the pandemic.

In her article, “Can Robot Nurses Replace Real Nurses?”, Julie Kliger addresses the idea of robots replacing nurses….

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Every head injury should be considered potentially life-threatening. That’s one of the key messages for this month’s Brain Injury Awareness Month, with a reported 3.6 million people in the US sustaining brain injuries each year. The recent tragic death of 65-year-old actor Bob Saget highlights just how serious any head injury can be. (The actor accidentally hit the back of his head, didn’t realize the severity, and went to sleep,…

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Heart Healthy Tips for Nurses

February 25, 2022

February is American Heart Month and a time to focus on cardiovascular health. It’s critical that nurses take their own health just as seriously as the health of their patients.

The following are 4 ways nurses can boost their heart health and help prevent heart disease:

Exercise regularly- At least 30-60 minutes of physical activity daily can lower your risk of heart disease. If you’d rather spend your days off just…

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There have been many significant African American Nurses throughout history. Since February is Black History Month, we’d like to take this time to honor a few of the outstanding nurses who have made history with their amazing achievements.

The following are 5 Remarkable African American Nurses to honor this Black History Month:

Harriet Tubman (1822-1913) — Many know Harriet Tubman for being a courageous conductor of the Underground Railroad during the…

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